Festival system

Festival is designed as a speech synthesis system for at least three levels of user. First, those who simply want high quality speech from arbitrary text with the minimum of effort. Second, those who are developing language systems and wish to include synthesis output. In this case, a certain amount of customization is desired, such as different voices, specific phrasing, dialog types etc. The third level is in developing and testing new synthesis methods.

One of the biggest problems in the development of speech synthesis, and other areas of speech and language processing systems, is that there are a lot of simple well-known techniques lying around which can help you realise your goal. But in order to improve some part of the whole system it is necessary to have a whole system in which you can test and improve your part. Festival is intended as that whole system in which you may simply work on your small part to improve the whole. Without a system like Festival, before you could even start to test your new module you would need to spend significant effort to build a whole system, or adapt an existing one before you could start working on your improvements.

Festival is specifically designed to allow the addition of new modules, easily and efficiently, so that development need not get bogged down in re-implementing the wheel.

Back to work

After a long time back to work. It really feels good to write once again.

I have choosed my topis for Thesis work i.e ” Speech Synthesis”. And want to give my best to it.

Speech synthesis is simply a form of output where a computer or other machine reads words to you out loud in a real or simulated voice played through a loudspeaker the technology is often called text-to-speech (TTS).

How does it turn the written words into ones you can actually hear? There are essentially three stages involved, which I’ll refer to as

1.text to words

2 words to phonemes

3and phonemes to sound.

Super Sunday

Today is the Super Sunday I have ever had in my life. Today Our Senior Navjot Singh delivered a wonderful presentation On Big Data.
Well, it was a great session. A lot many concepts were being discussed and not even for single minute I felt bored or tired up. It was really a wonderful presentation. In brief, It started with a brief introduction to Big-Data & Big-Data analytics which involved its introduction, various type of databses and datastructures involved in it like NoSQL(Not only SQL) like cassandra and other technical terms like apache hadoop, Hbase, HIve, flume, SAP, Hanah etc., Its applications in various fields like health and care, transportation etc. Navdeep Sir also share their valuable thoughts and give us a clear picture about IT companies and there business.

Footer problem

While doing some needful changes in footer file I did some unknown mistake. Because of it the footer in all pages gets distracted from its place. Today whole day I was finding that unknown mistake. And in the end of day find the solution in a single line syntax i.e

<div style= “clear:both”> </div>

Website Review

Today all Gd members together review my website. The process last for more than two hours but it was a wonderful review. For every single page each and everything is being discussed. Here is the list of to do things-

1. Do slow speed of photos.
2. Header in landing page.
3. In divisions footer problem
4. Change color of IEI India button
5. Problem in transparency in map
6. Hard formatting
7. Footers
8. Change Research workers to researchers
9. Change government to Government
10. Change fonts of about us page
11. Need calender in menues
12. In members page no option for adding new members for administrative.
13. Details needes in divisions

New Strategy

Today I discuss my whole water tank code with Gaurav. Then with his help also prepare a new format of coding. In which so different classes and functions are used for different different purposes. I also add two extra files to manage code properly.

Gate prepration

We all have started preparing for Gate Exam. We have decided subjects that everyone is going to prepare and share with others. Today only me and Harjot at Tcc. I prepare some topics of Dcld and also search for some material for wordpress presentation.

website improvement

Today I ask Inder for reviewing the website. Then He suggested me some points. The major problem is that it is not responsive. Secondly All buttons not have same color. Lineheight is less in members page. And search button has no color. So today I solve all these issues except responsiveness.

proper coding

As my senior Harmanpreeet Singh has also worked upon water tank using Brl Cad. He shared his experience with me that how someone faced problems in reading his code. He suggested me to make functions and more than one classes in the code and to follow the proper coding standards. I was working using a single class and writing main code in a single function. I was getting problem in making different functions because then I have to again and again declare the variables. So I was finding this difficult to implement. So Harmanpreet and Mandeep suggested me to clear my basics.